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Nanase Taku: Quintessential Ikemen Vtuber and V-Singer

2020.03.02 17:29 TheBlackJett Nanase Taku: Quintessential Ikemen Vtuber and V-Singer

Nanase Taku: Quintessential Ikemen Vtuber and V-Singer

Nanase Taku
Nanase Taku (七瀬タク) is a virtual YouTuber and VSinger that works on TV Tokyo's official YouTube channel.


Name: Nanase Taku
Nickname: Tak-Kun
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 182cm
Weight: 72kg
Blood-type: O
Birthdate: July 27
Age: 20s
Likes: Singing,Games and Visual kei
Favorite Food: Cabbage, Ginger ale, Mitsuya cider, tuna, mussel
Favorite Seiyuu: Ai Kakuma
Favorite Sport : Ice Hockey
Dislikes: Ghosts, Strange phenomena, High places, insects, natto, Mekabu, final income tax return
Appearance: Kore de anata mo Jinsei Shuuryo , Colon, AniRecoTV, Watanuki no sanchi, Honey Magazine, Yamishibai (Season 7)
CreatoIllustrator Bekko
Hashtags: #七瀬タク(Appreciation )、#タクアート(Fan Art)、#七瀬タク練習中(Voice Works)

The official YouTube channel and Twitter account are "Nanase Taku", but in TV appearances, press releases and news articles, there are many " 七瀬大空 " written in kanji.
At the request of the person, the name of the fan (fan name) and the fan mark have not been provided for a long time.
Recently (after "Ozoirairo" live), "Nanase Taku no Otaku" and "Nanase Takuya (Gyao)" have been announced.


A handsome VTuber who recognizes himself and herself as the son of a director of a Tokyo TV Station
The age says, "I forgot (I do not remember when my birthday comes many times)," but from the remarks of "Japanese," "you can drink alcohol," "virtual singer (20s)," The fee is fixed.
The name of Oku (Taku) comes from table tennis (table) in the Nanase family. It is a name given by parents, but the reason is unknown.
He loves to sing and his initial activity was to find a marriage partner, but he is currently working on a major singer to make his major debut.
His dream is to "live at Zepp DiverCity and captivate everyone."

He likes visual kei and likes artists like Janne Da Arc, Acid Black Cherry, the GazettE, Plastic Tree, LM.C, and SID (other than V, Yutaka Ozaki, Eve, etc.).
He says, "I've grown up as" Death Metal, Visually Grown, Bad Music is a Good Friend. " However, rap has not been taken.

He is a game lovers and plays a variety of games, including the Legend of Zelda, Smash, Atelier, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, APEX, Shadow Bath, FGO, Revolver Eight.
I have played the game for eight hours with the first-time play of Days Gone right after its launch.
However, he said, "I like somegame, but it's not good at all"
He cited Domyouji Haruto of the Game Club as his favorite Vtuber because he said "(game) play itself is worthwhile" and "I really like the face."
In the `` Vtuber Baby Crying Championship '' hosted by Asano sisters Project, `` The Legend of Zelda's Legendary Mujura's Mask '' is a son of the Goron elder who will not stop crying unless you play Golon's Lullaby at the snowhead She showed off the impersonation that was too transmitted.
Live broadcasts are available on YouTube Live and VTuber live distribution service "Colon:" each time for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Contents include recent status reports, chats, live games, and songs.
Basically, he mainly works on the Internet such as YouTube, but he frequently appears on TV Tokyo programs and events.

  • Information program:
    " Kore de anata mo jinsei shūryō ~ tatta kore dake de! ? Masakano imadokitoraburu ~" Reporter and Narrator
Appeared in the VTuber feature of "AniReco TV".
  • Events
Participated in a demonstration experiment of “VR Social Viewing” at Judo Grand Slam 2018. Participate in the TV Tokyo booth at Nico Nico Chokaigi 2019 as sales staff. ・ Appeared at “Nagoya VTuber Festival” held at Chukyo TV headquarters. ・ Participated in “Wakuwaku! VTuber Hiroba” sponsored by BitStar. ・ Telehigashi Performed at the Winter Warm Park stage event "You are also a VTuber Experience!"
  • TVCM Appearance of VTuber live distribution service "Colon:".
  • Drama -Performed in the role of a handsome deliveryman (voice only) in the virtual YouTuber drama " Watanuki-san Chi No (Episode 6)".
  • Anime -Appeared as a voice actor in the Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (Season 7). "Elevator Woman" "Pay Phone" "Veranda" "Refrigerator"
  • Other ・ Featured in a special story starring Taku Nanase at the Maiden game app "Honey Magazine". ・ Nanase Taku x One Blood Bankai Collaboration RT Campaign In connection with the creator, Becko-sensei, a gift plan according to the number of RTs is held on Ichibankai's official Twitter account.

Vtuber relation:

Originally, he did not belong to any group, and for about six months from the start of the activity, there was little involvement with Vtuber and V-Liver, and during the distribution there was a scene where he said "I want a friend".
Since then, the February goal has been to increase the number of friends! Become more friendly! Starting with the collaboration live streamingwith Fukuya Master on February 5, there are more opportunities to perform with other Vtubers.

  • Fuji Aoi
    Co-starred in "You're the End of Your Life with This". He calls "Fuji-san".

  • Fukuya Master
    First Vtuber Friend
He punishment game of "If you lose, grilled meat" in the final game of Smash Bra SP, and it has been reported on Twitter that you went to a grilled meat shop after the broadcast. On April 1st, 2019, he played the role of eldest son of "Watanuki no Chi" and Hana Ichiro April 1st.

  • Shibuya Hajime
Alongside Fukuya Master they play APEX on Youtube LIve

  • Utai Meika
Colon Moderator : Appeared as a quiz challenger on the official program "Prize Money Quiz! V Five! # 3" (The challenge genre is "Resident Evil Series (game only)") Since then, he has co-starred in chats and game streaming. In the April Fool's Day event on April 1, 2019, he played the role of Jiro Hachiro, the second son of "Watanuki no Chi".

  • Naruse Naru
Nijisanji Affilaited Vtuber
Best Friend

  • Shukushi Batsumaru
    Play with the Utai Meika in APEX game distribution. At a later date, a live song (We Wish You a Merry Christmas) was performed on a semi-annual commemorative live streaming of the activities performed on the Shukusei Batsumaru channel.

Re:Act Idol Unit
Colon: Perform live karaoke battles. It has been interacting with Yukari Koga on Twitter since its debut, and it finally became a collaboration.

Career Timeline:

  • August 20, 2018 Debut as Vtuber
  • November 1, 2018 Started working as VSinger. (Lemon / Genshi Yonezu (cover)
  • November 5 and 12 Fuji Aoi serves as the main MC, a TV Tokyo affiliated program "Kore de anata mo jinsei shūryō ~ tatta kore dake de! ? Masakano imadokitoraburu ~ as a site reporter and narrator.
  • November 24 Participated in a demonstration experiment of “VR Social Viewing” at Judo Grand Slam 2018.
  • February 27-March 5, 2019 Appeared on TV commercial of "Colon:" aired on TV Tokyo Participated in the chorus of the virtual singer YuNi's original song "Transparent Voice".
  • February 27 Started live streaming on VTuber live distribution service "Colon:".
  • March 11 Appeared in the VTuber feature of TV Tokyo's TV program "Ani Reco TV".
  • April 1 Participated in April Fool's Day on Watanuki no Chi He was the third son of April 1st, Kisaburo.
  • April 18 Live broadcast of a virtual YouTuber drama "Watanuki no Chi"press conference! , Appeared in the previous theory.
  • April 19- Appeared on Hikari TV and other advertisements at "April 1st House" In the sixth episode, she made a drama debut as a handsome deliveryman like Marius Haha.
  • April 27 and 28 Participate as a sales staff at the sales booth of Nico Nico Chokaigi 2019 "Tele Tokyo Booth! All Vtubers!" The takoyaki plate of the sales quota was sold out.

  • June 1 Appeared at "Nagoya VTuber Festival" held at Chukyo Television Headquarters.
  • July 7- Debuted as a voice actor in Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (Season 7
  • July 16- "Producer who falls in love with Taku Nanase" is distributed by serialized maiden game App"Honey Magazine".
  • July 27 Birthday / birthday commemorative delivery. MV of his first original song "Oozorairo" released and digital streaming started. New key visual 2D / 3D model production decision.
  • August 2 Appeared in the 20th Taiwan Manga Tour.
  • August 17 First live event Tak Nanase 1st Anniversary Live "Ozorairo" held. Guest: Fukuya Master (MC), Hima Shokudo, Micha Elhynde (Dante's Peak), Yukari Koga (METEO)
  • September 13 Participated in the "Saturn Awards" ceremony held in Hollywood, USA alongside Kizuna AI, Siro,Baacharu, Kaguya Luna, Tokino Sora, Shirakami Fubuki, Kimino Miya and Rin Asobi
  • October 5 "Exciting! VTuber Hiroba Vol.1.5].
  • October 10 Digital streaming of the second original song "BLOOD BEAT" started.
  • November 9 "# IkemenV Festival! 2019]. Performers: Hima Shokudo, MonsterZ MATE, Fushimi Gaku, Shukusei Batsumaru
  • November 17 "Wakuwaku! VTuber Hiroba Vol.2].
  • December 14 TV Tokyo stage event of warm park of winter "you also experience VTuber! ].
  • December 15 "Wakuwaku! Participation in VTuber Hiroba Vol.3.
  • December 25 Appeared in the REALITY program "Ore no Kabe-don wa O O sugiru ".
  • December 28 Participated in "2nd V Kouhaku" with White Team


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